Upcoming Ladies Only Events

Basics of Pistol and/or LTC

Instructor: Lori Pruitt

Handgun lessons are booked by appointment only. Safe handling skills with a tactical advantage are the main focus.

License To Carry courses can be found on our FaceBook page and by calling the store.

Call for private or group sessions
OR Contact us through the link below

License to Carry: Ladies Only

Instructor: Lori Pruitt

MAY 11, 2019 starting at 8am. This class includes additional handgun instruction before the formal LTC instruction begins.
Be sure to join us ladies! Fun a the range!!

Call Lori at 936-679-3571 for questions
OR Contact us through the link below to request availability.

SFA PD program for Ladies Only

Rape Agression Defense "RAD"

MARCH 13TH from 5pm - 7:15pm

This is a great opportunity for ladies ages 12 and up. SFA instructors lead an energetic and beneficial class on how to defend yourself and get away from an aggressor.

Be sure to sign up and attend as many of these classes as you can. Text "RAD" to 936-645-9845 to reserve your spot.

See you there!

This One's for You, Ladies

This One's for You, Ladies

SFA UPD Rape Agression Defense "RAD"

Tuesday: November 27 from 5p-7:15p

Wednesday: December 5 from 5p - 7:15p

TEXT "RAD to 936-645-9845 to add your name to the class list.

Space is limited to 20 participants.

See you there!