This One’s for You, Ladies

This One’s for You, Ladies

Register for a ladies-only license to carry course today

Make sure you’re comfortable while learning to fire a hand gun or bow. Meadow Ridge Archery and Gun offers archery, License To Carry and gun shooting courses that are for women only.

If you’ve had a bad experience at a shooting range where you felt intimidated or talked down to, you don’t have to deal with a similar situation ever again.

Take a ladies-only License To Carry course or lesson to learn about firearms in a relaxed setting with women who are just like you.

Contact us today to discuss which course is right for you.

See what you’ll learn at our shooting and archery courses

Meadow Ridge Archery and Gun offers ladies-only courses. At these courses, you’ll learn about:

  • Safe Handling
  • Range Safety
  • Handgun Function
  • Loading, Unloading & Magazine Changes
  • Proper Stance & Grip
  • Sight Picture & Alignment
  • Clearing Jams & Handgun Malfunctions
  • Texas DPS Practice Course of Fire

Sign up for a ladies-only firearm course today by calling 936-569-9880.

Archery Courses are also available. 936-569-9880