Upcoming Events

License To  Carry

$100 per person (includes indoor range fee)

Ladies Only LTC Courses

Call to schedule your private group.


RSVP 936-569-9880 for any LTC

July 9th, 9AM-3PM with Lori Pruitt

Feazell's Carry Class
Saturday, Jul 21st 8am - 3pm

Instructor: Lori Pruitt

LTC For Ladies Only

Friday, June 22nd at 9AM-4PM

Saturday, July 7th 8AM - 3PM

Custom/private classes available.
Call 936-569-9880 and talk with Lori. :-)

Hosted by Meadow Ridge Archery and Gun


3D Archery Shoot

Register & Warm-Up 8am-10am Saturday - SHOTGUN START AT 10AM

Register and Warm-Up 10am-11am Sunday - SHOTGUN START AT 11AM

Cost $25 plus $5 optional Mulligan